The Bose Difference

The BOSE Difference

Speaker are speaker right? The answer is absolutely NO, not all speakers are equal. All speakers vary in the quality of sound replication and price point. There are some DJ services that really don’t care about quality sound, and that’s fine if they want to conduct their business that way. They are fine with a an inferior $400 set of speakers that sound flat and are way under powered for a Ballroom. Their business strategy is to perform as many weddings as possible per weekend regardless of quality. They cannot do this with speakers that cost 4-5 times more. The Rhythm Of The Night Entertainment is not concerned about performing 15 wedding in one weekend. We are about QUALITY, not quantity. That’s why ALL our DJ packages include a BOSE sound system. Not an upgrade like the very few DJ services that even offer BOSE besides us.

For those of you who are reading this and own a set of BOSE speaker in your home, car, or headset, you know exactly what we are talking about and we do not need to sell you on them. For the perspective clients that do not know about BOSE, imagine being at a live concert and hearing all the sounds of the various instruments with the highest clarity and emotional impact. That’s BOSE sound! They are smaller in size, but just as powerful as those huge, bulky speakers most competitors use.

Every time we perform at and event, guests always come up to the DJ booth and complement us on the music and sound. That’s the BOSE difference!

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