Leave your Wedding or Special Event guests in awe with our premium Enhancements

Wireless LED Up Lighting

LED Up Lighting is the most cost effective way to completely transform the appearance of any room. We have the latest technology in wired and wireless LED up lights.  These lights are placed against the wall, pointing upwards, in any color of your choosing. It is recommended to have 1 light for every 6-8 feet of wall space, depending on how intense you would like the “wash” of color throughout the room.

 Pin Spot Lighting

Pin spot lighting is very effective way to highlight an area such as your Wedding cake, dessert table, centerpiece, or any other place of importance. A narrow beamed white LED light is placed on a special tripod, and the light is shined downward towards the area you want accented.  This will make the item “pop off” the table especially in low-lit rooms.

LED DJ Booth

Light up the DJ area with the optional LED DJ Booth.  This option includes a special fiberglass translucent DJ facade with LED lights that are behind it for a glowing look.  We highly recommend the LED DJ Booth with up lighting, and can be matched with your color scheme.

Dancing On A Cloud First Dance

Dance on a Cloud for your First Dance as husband and Wife.  We use a special machine that creates a thick pillow of a pure white cloud that stays low to the ground for about 5 minutes , and then it dissipates.  It is completely fire alarm safe, venue friendly, and will not agitate guets with respiratory conditions.

Laser Effects

The American DJ Royal Sky features one green and one violet blue laser that creates 20 random patterns and features an amazing “Liquid Sky” effect when projected over your guests.  Laser patterns can be projected on a dance floor, ceiling or wall.  We highly recommend fog or haze (fire alarm safe) with the laser effects for the best results.

Starry Night Laser Effects

Give the look of a starry night in your main room. We use special red or blue (Or both) lasers that create a starry night look, that is projected towards the ceilings of the main room.  The laser beams can be set to stationary, slow or a fast sweeping motion.  We recommend setting them to stationary during dinner, and then sweeping during dance time for amazing dance experience.

Water Effects

The American DJ H2O LED simulates flowing water and projects this liquid effect on the ceiling, walls, or dance floor of the venue. Cool waves will wash through your guests and enhance the dancing experience.   The American DJ H2O LED can slowly transition through its 6 available colors, which are Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple and White.  It can also be set to 1 color for the whole event.

Fog Machine And Haze Generator (Fire alarm safe)

Dramatically enhance the lighting effects at your event with fog or haze. These fog and haze machines will allow you and your guests to better see the light beams of the dance lighting, and laser effects.  We recommend fog for outdoor venues and haze for indoor venues.  Haze is least likely to set off the fire alarms of the venue, and will not irritate guests with respiratory illnesses.

LED Monograms (Name in lights)

High quality monograms, or also known as name in lights, is a great way to personalize your event, and really impress your guests. These personalized monograms of your name, date, or initials are custom made for you in a variety of fonts and styles. The steel template (not paper like other company’s use) is placed in a high-powered projector.  The image is then projected against a certain wall, ceiling, or dance floor of the venue. The personalized steel template is also yours to keep, after the event as a memorable keepsake of your special event.

LED Wall Texturing

Dramatically transform the look of your main room with our LED wall texturing.  We use special LED projectors, and customized patterns to create a textured look on the walls, ceiling, or the dance floor of the main room. .

LCD Screens

Share your memories with your guests by adding a LCD screen photo slideshow to your event. This portable LCD screen is mounted on a tripod, draped with special black cloth for great appearance, and can be placed anywhere in the room. This is a big advantage over using a projector, and projector screen that takes up precious space, has unsightly daggling wires, and is not easily portable.  Your photos will be displayed for the entire event on a continuous loop for your guests to enjoy.

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Add the karaoke upgrade to the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Packages for added fun and excitement at your event. The karaoke upgrade comes with a 24 inch LCD screen on a tripod, over 2000 karaoke titles with on screen lyrics, and a wireless microphone.