Premium Sound is Achieved Through State-of-the-Art Equipment

  Numark NS7 DJ ConsoleNumark NS7

Included in all packages, the Numark NS7 DJ Console is the latest technology available in the mobile disc jockey industry. The Numark NS7 DJ console in combination with special DJ software will mix, blend, and scratch music just like turntables. Combine this technology, with all digital high quality MP3 music, and you will have the best sound for your special occasion.

BOSE L1 Compact Sound System

The BOSE L1 Compact sound system is available only with our Bronze Package. Don’t let its size fool you! This sound tower contains one loudspeaker for unbelievable vocals, and one subwoofer that delivers a smooth bass line. A pair of these sound towers will deliver up to 700 watts of power, and are great for small venues where space is limited, and under 75 guests.

4 Speaker Bose Sound System

Our enhanced BOSE sound system includes two BOSE 802 loud speakers, and two BOSE MB4 subwoofers, for a total of four speakers. They deliver up to 1500 watts of power that can fill any size venue. You and your guests will be blown away with crystal clear music, and Bass you can feel.

Martin EFX 800

Martin is a World leader in lighting and effects. With the Platinum Package, these Marin EFX 800 lights can disperse twelve different gobo patterns, 170 degrees wide on the dance floor and walls of your venue. The speed in which these lights rotate their colors and designs can be controlled by the DJ, or by the music. Every time we bring these lights to an event, the guests are just amazed and you will be too.

Chauvet Mini Wash Intelligent Lights

Chauvet has been providing high quality lighting and effects to the entertainment industry for decades. The Chauvet Mini Wash can rotate a full 360 degrees, and tilt a full 180 degrees for maximum coverage. The projected LED light can strobe, flash, or stay on with almost any color. These intelligent lights work great with the Martin EFX 800 lights, and together they deliver an incredible dancing experience.

American DJ Fusion Scanner

American DJ has earned international praise for quality and reliability for over 25 years. The Fusion Scanner sweeps a LED projected gobo pattern with a laser beam, in random motions across the dance floor, and walls of your venue. With the Platinum Package, you will get a pair of these intelligent lights that will bring your dance experience to a whole new level.

Chauvet Light Bar

The Chauvet Light Bar can be added to the Bronze Package, but comes with the Gold Package. This is a compact, but powerful light bar contains 4 LED wash lights that flash in random colors and patterns, with the beat of the music. It adds great dance lighting to any event, especially for smaller venues where the Platinum Package will not fit.

Disco Strobe Ball

The American DJ Disco Strobe Ball rotates a star like pattern, in random colors across the dance floor, and walls of your event. It adds a classic disco style feel with a new twist, for your dancing experience.

Martin Professional Fog Machine

The Martin Fog Machine is by far one the most powerful portable fog machines available to mobile entertainers. It can be added as an upgrade to any of our packages. This fog machine will deliver a blast of fog at the push of a button, and it’s intensity can be adjusted to prevent any unwanted false smoke alarms. The fog will enhance the effects of the DJ dance lights as the light passes through the haze.

32” LCD Screen

The 32-inch high definition LCD monitor is included in our Platinum Package. It can display music videos, karaoke lyrics, and pictures for a photo slideshow.

42″ LCD Screen

The 42-inch High Definition LCD monitor is an enhancement that can be added to any package. This LCD screen is placed on a tripod, in a desired location for a photo slideshow to share memories with your guests.