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Rhythm Of The Night Entertainment provides its award winning services for LED lighting design.

LED up lighting, and wall washing are the most cost effective way to completely transform the appearance of any room. We have the latest technology in wireless battery powered LED lights, including Eternal lighting, American DJ Go Pars, and Vividlite.  The Eternal lighting, and American DJ lighting are used primarily for up lighting, and will give that “pop” to the room with a 40- degree angle of coverage. The Vividlite LED wash lights have a 120-degree angle of coverage, and are great for washing large areas with a soft glow, such as a subtle candle light color.  We can program our lights to any color of your choosing, including the very hard to replicate pastel colors.   It is recommended to have 1 light for every 6-8 feet of wall space, depending on how intense you would like the “wash” of color throughout the room.  Are you looking for more than just up lighting?  We also provide wireless pin spot lighting, LED monogram lighting, LED wall texturing, and intelligent lighting.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on our LED lighting design packages.